Alternative uses for Mum Bub Hub products.

So you’ve got half a jar of product left and wondering what should you do with it? Here are a few “off the box” alternative uses for Mum Bub Hub products.

Perineal Spray

Spritz the cooling mist after sun, as a facial toner, as a setting spray or primer or after shaving.

Spray a little on a cut or sore and let the antibacterial properties get to work

Perineal Balm

This is a multi-tasking medicine cabinet must-have for the whole family, from knee bruises to scrapes and minor cuts.

You know it’s great “down there” but try it up top and other places too – in the morning for under-eye puffiness, after too much sun, and after that first shave or wax of the summer.

Perineal Oil

Great as a light and moisturizing hair oil.

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