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Gorgeous gift

I bought these for a friend who had recently had a baby. They arrived promptly, looked gorgeous and came with a thank you note which was a lovely touch. My friend loved them.

Daughter’s delight

My daughter thought your nipple balm ‘was wonderful’. It was a a lovely present for her after giving birth. I also loved the personal message inside the parcel. Thank you.

Best Maternity pads!!

So comfortable during the most uncomfortable time. Size guide is correct. I had the best postpartum period thanks to these. Highly recommend.

Sad I never got to use it.

I bought myself this as a gift to myself to make postpartum a little easier but ended up having an emergency c-section so have been unable to make use of it. I can’t therefore comment on the quality of the contents but the presentation is luxurious. It would make a perfect gift for a soon to be mum. I just wish they did a similar kit for c section recovery.

Daughter loved this

Bought before our grandchild arrived, daughter used after birth and after cesarean scars, she absolutely lives this, felt a bit like fat on application but sank straight into the skin

Maternity pad

I am so grateful I got this pad. Few days after delivery was a little tough but having this pad on made things easier, I didn't have to worry about my pad shifting or staining the bed as this pad was intact and very comfortable. It made my episiotomy heal very fast.
You will not regret buying this as it gives all the comfort you need.
Happy I got them. I'm a size 12 and I got the Large size.

Comfort in an uncomfortable time

When your whole body is in pain it was so nice to have one thing that didn’t add to the discomfort. Normal underwear after a c section irritates the wound and even with my Bridget pants I found they would slip down. These maternity pants were both at the perfect level to not irritate my wound and fitted perfectly so I didn’t have to worry about any leaking. I just wish there was more in the pack as I couldn’t afford to buy any more and really miss them now I’m back in pants and pads.

So comfortable and perfect for those first few days postpartum! Definitely a must have!!

Highly recommend

After having a c-section these were a life saver for the first week or so, so comfortable & convenient as I hate faffing around with normal pads, they move position, make you feel itchy etc these briefs were lovely & no issues at all with leakage

Brief-Style Maternity Pads

Perfect item

Perfect item to pack in my daughter's hospital maternity case

Another top product from MBH!

Great product, worked really quickly and the customer service was awesome too

Great product

Great product, worked really quickly and the customer service was awesome too

A great product

A great product, if you don’t use it all up for perineal massage you can use it for breast massage when Baby is born.

I don’t know what I would have done without this kit

I don’t know what I would have done without this kit, especially the peri bottle. MBH made my first week much more bearable, I’m so glad I invested in myself and my recovery and chose these lovely items.

So comfy and convenient after birth - highly recommend

Very comfortable


A must have for postpartum!

They fit perfectly and we're very comfy. You couldn't tell I was wearing them under clothes. No leaks either 😊👍🏻

Very nice and you feel comfortable ❤️🥰

Wish I Bought More

These have been so wonderful since I gave birth. They are very comfortable and convenient. I bought two packs and I only wish I bought more to take to the hospital.

So comfy and convenient after birth - highly recommend

Maternity Pad

I brought my niece two different sizes of pads, large size for when her waters broke and med size for when she gave birth.
I have to say they were a God sent , she loves them so comfy would recommend.

Nipple Balm

What can I say, my niece loves this product , it works!

Very useful and comfortable

Start using since day one after labor, very convenient.

Would recommend

I bought these for my daughter who had a baby 2 weeks ago and she was so grateful for them. She said they were comfortable and soft. They also did what they were supposed to do and fitted so well. They really helped with her hospital stay and especially the first week after having the baby. Really good purchase.