C-section: Embracing your birth story

For me my surgery was a whirlwind of activity and a huge rush of adrenalin, I remember my body just shaking with the shock of it all after being told I had to have a C-section but it was so exciting and a bit of a relief to be honest because I was finally able to see the end of a really long labor!

Not that it wasn’t scary, any mama who has been through the process knows it’s no walk in the park but we will do it a million times over because ultimately, it’s the best decision in that moment to deliver your little human safely.

If you've had a caesarean birth you know how powerful it is to birth in this way, and it is so important that everyone knows this too.

I find that far too often we feel or are made to feel as though we've failed as a woman, that we really didn't get to experience ‘real’ birth or that we’ve had the easy way out. I sometimes find myself hesitant to say I've had a c-section because of some subconscious fear of being judged and why should I?

A caesarean is not easy not by a long shot and recovery can be brutal.

Heres the thing - cesarean birth is birth and it is just as empowering and as challenging as a vaginal birth.

Embrace your story behind your scar, it may not be seen as pretty and it may not have been what you were hoping for but be proud of it.

It’s ok to feel upset or disappointed that you didn't have a vaginal birth if that's what you were hoping for especially if you’ve had to have an emergency caesarean.

Be proud of your birth because this is how we’ve brought our beautiful babies into this world. This your perfect birth story!

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