How to prioritise self-care.

So you’re a Mum now, or soon-to-be. Self-care may seem like a fad, but the reality is now is the time you need it most.

Taking time out just for you, probably seems so unrealistic now that you are feeding around the clock, squeezing in housework and just about managing to shower. But have you ever considered that this may be a form of self-defeat?

The Art of self-care is to treat it as a competition, where if you push yourself to make it happen, you win. Know what is achievable for yourself and make it work. We get it, it can be a constant battle but you will always gain from it.

Nourish Your Body

For example, setting an intention to nourish my body is a simple act of self-care. How do you set this intention and manifest it? Well, you can prepare the most simple ingredients for a power smoothie the night before and make sure it is ready to blend in the morning. No excuses. When you get a minute, savour that delicious smoothie it as your baby is on the boob, or as you are preparing their bottle. Not only did you achieve your goal, but you are fuelling your body with goodness. You could even buy yourself a new water bottle to ensure that you are staying hydrated.

Self - 1 Defeat - nil.

Listen to your body

You literally feel exhausted and cannot think straight. But you have bottles to sterilise and dishes to do. Will it hurt if you decide to take a nap instead? If you are feeling significantly low for a period of time, it is worth mentioning it to someone you can trust and relate to. Make the intention that you will tell them how you feel. The words may not come out as planned, but you will feel better for letting someone know that you are feeling low and they should extend a helping hand. For a non-judgemental option, you can always speak to your GP or ask what support they offer if it is significantly impacting your daily life.

Tap into your interests

As you’re preparing dinner, listen to that popular podcast for Mums, or that docuseries that you have been waiting to tune in to. Treat yourself to a cute journal and record your raw feelings and desires before you decide to pick up your phone to scroll. Who doesn’t love a good book! Order that book from your Amazon wishlist and read a couple of pages a night.

Say Yes to yourself

Fancy a certain dish or craving something yummy? Try to plan your meals in advance and buy the ingredients to make yourself a delicious meal. Don’t forget to grab yourself that treat too. Because you deserve it.


Make sure your appointments non-negotiable. Whether it’s a hair appointment, physical or mental health check-up, or even a coffee with a friend - do not feel guilty about it, because your baby will be in good hands. Just push yourself out of the door and make sure you get there.

Find yourself a self-care Sister

Ask a fellow Mum friend to join your challenge, you can check in on each other to make sure you’ve found find some downtime each week. Go for lunches together, join classes together (without the babies if possible) and look out for one another. We are all in this together and it’s so much easier to beat self-defeat as a team.

There are so many ways we can overcome our guilt and allow ourselves to win at this self-care game. Start small and enjoy the compounded benefits of self-care.


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