Let's Love on our Postpartum Bodies

We had to take a moment to let this sink in.

We seem to have unrealistic expectations about how our bodies should be and how it should look after pregnancy. In fact, putting pregnancy and birth aside, society and media has placed unrealistic expectations on all women and their bodies.

How can we possibly expect ourselves to “bounce back” following the most miraculous event our bodies undergo? We do not need to pressure ourselves into anything! We have just created life!

Let’s change that and the way we think and feel about our bodies.

Let's bring attention to how strong and awesome our bodies are and honour them during postpartum and beyond. Let’s love the stretch marks and all the extra belly we may find ourselves with postpartum.

What better way to signify that we have successfully carried, grown and birthed a baby. Not to mention the added load of breastfeeding, should you decide to. We have to be more kind and appreciative to ourselves.

Feeling shamed or disgusted about our bodies for not conforming to an unrealistic standard is not fair. Our pregnant and postpartum bodies are simply amazing. We’re loving on all postpartum bodies, let’s spread the love and change the narrative.

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