Post-pregnancy Pampering: An indulgent deep tissue massage.

Oh the joys of motherhood...I must say that having a baby comes with a whirlwind of emotions and dispositions along with a whole new host of unique aches and pains that I hadn’t quite anticipated. So when I found myself a bit more sore than I cared to be from a not so little baby using my upper body/head as a body pillow I decided it was time for a little pamper session.

After endless Google searches I found Corine of Pure Positive Pressure who specialises in various massage treatments including pregnancy and post-pregnancy massage. The fact that she was local and did home visits sealed the deal for me and I got booked in with her asap! Corine showed up promptly and after showing her to the studio to set up, we went through a brief consultation so she could better understand my needs.

The massage was bone-numbingly good, it started with a pectoral massage using deep tissue techniques to soothe away some persistent sore spots left over from pregnancy and all those late night/early morning breastfeeding at the weirdest angles you can ever imagine. This was followed by a deep tissue massage to my back, neck and shoulders which helped to work away all of the knots and tension that had been building up in my muscles after months of toting around a baby, followed by a nice relaxing stretch. I was left feeling energetic for the rest of the day and a lot more relaxed than I had been since being pregnant and having baby.

After having my Post-pregnancy massage, I really cannot recommend it enough. It was so much more than just getting a massage, it was a bit of indulgent ‘me time’ were I was forced to relax for half and hour. Being a new mum can be stressful at times and it is so easy to get burnt out and forget to take some time for yourself. It’s amazing how much of a positive effect that bit of ‘me’ time can have on your sense of wellbeing.

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