Why has my skin changed so much after giving birth?

There are so many things they don’t tell us about the changes our body goes through after childbirth! Gone was the pregnancy glow. We discovered that it had been replaced with dry patches. Glam!

So what causes dry skin after pregnancy?

Our good old hormones cause us to have lower oestrogen levels, thus our skin become dry as opposed to oily and supple!

We also loose a lot of fluid from the postpartum sweats + all of that water retention, and breastfeeding (for some). This is why it’s so important to stay hydrated and keep drinking water.

Here are our top tips to combat that tight, flaky skin…

  • When you eventually get some time to shower or have a bath, try using a gentle, no additive bath soak.

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells with a gentle body scrub. This also helps with circulation.

  • Use an oil cleanser for your face as opposed to a soap cleanser.

  • Moisturise and massage your skin and face with a rich moisturiser.

  • Drink up! Especially if you are breastfeeding - keep a bottle of water in every room you may end up feeding in.

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