Pregnant: 2 under 2

Being pregnant whilst raising a toddler is no walk in the park. Imagine being twice as exhausted, twice as achy. Let’s face it my almost two-year old wasn’t going to give me some time-out just because I couldn’t walk up the stairs without getting out of breath.

The daily chores continued, as did the nursery runs and commuting to work. I found it very physically demanding. All I wanted to do was sleep but there was no chance!

It was also a very exciting time, there would be a newborn to cuddle again, a new sibling for my daughter to grow with…the dynamics in our household were about to change.

Nobody told me that it could lead to such chaos though!!

Now that baby is here, my days are a mix of potty/nappy changing trips, constant feeding times and disjointed naps. Some days work out great – plans and routines fall into place. On most days there is no routine, very few pauses and I am just winging it. By the time the bedtime mission is complete I feel completely out of it.

Here are a few nuggets I have picked up along the way to preserve my sanity during this second round of motherhood:

  • I accept any help that is offered to me, and I even make a point of asking for help. Teamwork and Community is key.

  • I involve my eldest in most activities relating to taking care of her baby sibling (she is my super helper). Every chore becomes a ‘fun’ activity.

  • Getting out of the house is good for everyone. Gives you some time to breathe.

  • I allocate some time for myself, at least once a fortnight so that I can clear my head and get some peace.

  • I communicate how I’m feeling, the good and especially the bad.

  • I am more forgiving to myself. It just isn’t possible to have everything in check every day.

But honestly folks, just stick with one child if you can.

No I’m joking. I never imagined that I would be able to do this, but here I am. I gave birth to these little people and we’re raising two wonderful children. I really have to step back and appreciate that every day.

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