Say no to Mum-judging

How to combat mum judging…

When you’re getting ready to give birth to your tiny human, you probably weren’t prepared for all of the judgement that follows! As well as your baby, you are meeting a new version of yourself that becomes the subject of other’s opinions.

There are so many aspects of motherhood that fall prey to the judgement of others, whether it’s how we bring our children into this world, the way we choose to feed our babies, how we look following birth and the parenting decisions we make...We could go on as it never seems to end. Just to remind ourselves that no journey into motherhood is the same, and it’s impossible to follow someone else’s blueprint and instructions.

You are not alone Mama, but when you do feel cornered by someone else’s opinions or criticisms just remember the following:

Good Intentions - Some comments and advice really do come from a good place, they can just be misinterpreted. So try to see the good in the advice you are given and reply with “Thanks for that tip, I’ll consider trying it" But yes we know, you don’t want to hear any more BS!

Projections - Quite often, people offer advice because they want to feel better about a decision they’ve made, or the traits that they exhibit of their own behaviour. When you understand this, their words will literally go over your head and you don’t need to absorb them. It’s definitely not about you hunny...

Parenting is an experiment - We can’t learn our children’s needs if we constantly take on the instructions of others! Sometimes we need to do the guesswork and even get it wrong sometimes, raising children is all about learning how. Yes you’ll receive so many tips as you journey through motherhood but it’s totally up to you to pick and choose the advice that works for you!

Whatever works for you and your baby is the best thing to do!


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