Embracing Self-Care during the Third Trimester With Mama Hug

It all feels so familiar… the lower back pain, sharp jabs in my cervix (That dreaded lightning crotch!) Not to mention the 3am trips to the loo…

This is my third pregnancy, so I’ve decided to approach things a little differently. Rather than dread those aches and pains associated with the third trimester, I’ve decided to enjoy this time as best as I can and be intentional about looking after myself before the baby arrives.

So, You can imagine how pleased I was when I received the Mama Hug Third Trimester box! In fact, I have been looking forward to entering the third trimester, just so I can open some of these goodies...

I’m sure many Mama’s can relate to this. How do you manage to get sleep when you’re in the third trimester? I’ve found a solution in my Mama Hug box...in the form of SpaceMasks. I’ve used these before and I was reminded how soothing and relaxing they are. On application, these eye masks heat up to relieve any tension, and get you in the zone to wind down.

At this stage, many of us are wondering how to prepare for birth in the final stretch? Well, I have a list of things I have tried for my previous births, and at the top of that list is Raspberry Leaf Tea. It was great to see the Myrtle and Maud blend included in the Mama Hug Box. It’s organic and has a lovely scent and depth to it. I brewed some inside my Keep Cup, which is also part of the set. Now….every Mum knows that it’s near impossible to enjoy a hot cuppa so I think this will come in very handy long into the fourth trimester and beyond! This is a reusable barista cup, so if you do manage to pop out for a quick tea/coffee - this is definitely one to carry around in your handbag/changing bag.

Other gems inside this set are the calming essential oils by Tisserand, which I will need to make more use of when I am feeling tense or overwhelmed. It will also come in handy for labour!

My favourite thing in the hamper has to be the Clear Skin Cream. Not only has it maintained that ‘glow’, which makes a change as I usually break out or get dry skin at this stage. But It also doubles up as planting seeds! The wrapper is compostable and for the greenfingers out there, it’s a nice activity to help you destress. if you’re already in nesting mode, it’s a great lockdown activity to improve your mental wellbeing.

I loved the little note cards and tips enclosed - you can never have enough nuggets of support, especially during this time. If you’re looking for a gift for a soon to be Mummy, the Mama Hug Third trimester box is definitely a thoughtful, appreciated idea.

You can also find MBH maternity pants and Postpartum Bath Soaks in a selection of the Mama Hug boxes. preparing you for all stages of pregnancy and Beyond!


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