The Benefits of Witch Hazel for Postpartum and Beyond

If you are a fan of natural beauty alternatives, you have likely come across Witch Hazel. It has some amazing properties which is why it is a star ingredient in our Perineal spray. We have discovered just how versatile it really is for personal use, so we want to share some uses for Witch Hazel for some simple self-care tips.


Witch hazel is a wonderful medicinal plant rich in antioxidants and biomolecules called tannins which give it its skin-soothing properties. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat anything from damaged skin and bruises to insect bites and skin irritations.

Postpartum Healing - soothes vagina and perineum after childbirth

Witch Hazel is a great way to get some relief from perineal discomfort and will be your best friend during your postpartum recovery. It’s an herbal skin soothing remedy that can help reduce inflammation. Plus it has great wound healing properties which makes it an ideal remedy for reducing vaginal swelling. It also helps ease pain and itching from haemorrhoids — another postpartum symptom you may be experiencing and discomfort after rectal surgery or trauma.

During postpartum recovery, it is most helpful for treating pain and inflammation that comes from swelling in your perineum and this natural remedy can be a godsend for all of your perineum needs. Recovery can be rough as the area will be quite sore and as it heals your stitches might be tight and itchy. Whether you’re dealing with hemorrhoids, bruising or stitches, Witch Hazel can help.

You can find our top 3 ways to use witch hazel for your postpartum healing here.

Natural relief for cutaneous wounds

We know that witch hazel tightens skin and also expedites the healing of surface wounds. Spray a little on a cut or sore and let the antibacterial properties get to work.

Witch Hazel can soothe Eczema

The anti-inflammatory effect of witch hazel can soothe itchy, inflamed or infected skin. Take note that if your skin is very dry and scaly, witch hazel removes oil so you must replace the oils with a thick emollient or oil-based moisturizer.

Natural Post Waxing Spray or Post-shave solution

Since witch hazel has antiseptic properties, it is the perfect astringent to prevent those irritating post-shaving bumps and to keep the area clean after hair removal. It also sloughs away dead skin to prevent the pores from becoming clogged.

Witch Hazel as a Toner

Use witch hazel to tighten pores and skin, it also reduces the oil on the skin’s surface, particularly for those with hypersensitive skin types. “Witch hazel can be used as a toner for those with sensitive skin”, says Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetics and Dermatology.

Witch Hazel as a Facial Spray

You can use witch hazel as a setting spray or primer. The tannins that derive from the bark and leaves are especially useful for reducing oil. Great for shiny T-zones, to keep your beat face looking matte!

Now that you know some of the personal benefits, how will you incorporate witch hazel into your beauty regime?


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