Transitioning through Pregnancy - from the Old to the New

Can you see yourself anymore? We're not just talking about seeing your feet past the growing bump... Can you see yourself transitioning from the Old to the New?

I’ve been realising recently that of course, things are going to change so much soon and wondering whether or not I’ll be the same person or if I’ll mourn the ‘old me’ or being pregnant.

Here are a few things I’ve been doing to track my progress through growth...

  • Write down some things you enjoy or that made you feel good before and during pregnancy.

  • You can also write down the things that make You, YOU. 'Your pillars'.

  • After you've given birth and have had time adapting to Motherhood, revisit your list and ask yourself what you would like to hold onto, shed, or release yourself from?

  • What new capabilities and feelings have you gained since becoming a Mother?

  • Acknowledge and Congratulate Yourself for all of the strength that has carried you this far ❤️

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