What is Perineal Spray used for?

Perineal care… Why is it so important?

Before Pregnancy and childbirth it’s unlikely that you had casual conversations or much interest in your perineum. In fact, you may have no idea what it is until now…

Ask any Mum who has experienced pushing, or given birth by vaginal delivery and they will tell you that your perineum will definitely require some TLC.

So, what is the perineum? Where is your perineum? It’s the surface area between your vagina and anus, basically the vagina and the area below it.

During labour and childbirth the perineum stretches, especially as we bear down, to allow baby through. So it’s not surprising that many women experience tearing in this region. I mean, there’s only so much it can stretch! This is what we refer to when we speak about ‘tearing’ - it could be a tear of the labia or deeper tears of the perineum and surrounding muscle. Yes we know it sounds horrific, and it definitely isn’t a walk in the park.

Perineal Spray is an excellent natural remedy to alleviate some of the after- effects of childbirth. Swelling, bruising and tears are some of the joyous things we experience and believe me, I was desperate for some form of relief whilst going through the motions.

The natural ingredients in our Perineal Spray such as witch hazel, cucumber and aloe vera really help to calm and soothe the area. There is an almost numbing sensation, that helps to ease the swelling and more importantly, it helped me through my unbearable toilet trips. To add to that, the antibacterial properties of witch hazel kept me feeling clean and refreshed after taking a real hit.

The swelling I experienced made toilet trips particularly dreadful for me as I just didn't want to apply any undue pressure by straining. However, using the spray on a piece of tissue and applying a compress really helped to numb any sore areas.

Now you know what the Perineum is, how will you take care of yours?


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