When Morning and Travel Sickness meet

The Daily commute. You’re in a daze, it’s rush hour and nobody bothers to offer you a seat because quite frankly you look the same as everybody else with a non existent bump.

At the time I felt it was too early to wear a ‘Baby on Board’ badge, and tbh it’s a visual diversion aid for some. So I dragged myself to work feeling nauseous and giddy from weeks 10 to 16.

You may not experience any sickness at all – lucky you my friend. But if you are, here are a few tips to pull you through the day:

1) Hunger equals sickness
Eat as soon as you wake up to get your blood sugar going and to avoid light headedness. Even when I couldn’t keep my food down, I still forced myself to eat crackers (and fish fingers, don’t judge me). Just eat whatever you feel like eating.

3) Anything with ginger helps. Goldkili tea was my friend, or fresh Ginger in hot water.

4) The scent of lemon. Or lemon in hot water if it is not too acidic for you.

5) Take snacks with you in your bag to power you through your journey (nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit,crisps).


7) Get off the train/bus/stop walking if you feel queasy. Find a seat and breathe through it.

8) Don’t be too proud to ask for a seat! Either you do, or you throw up over the guy with his headphones on…

9) It’s pretty impossible to avoid the offensive scents in the morning, but if you are stuck next to a smelly, carry a flannel/tissue/scarf with some essential oil on it. Or any scent that trumps morning breath/BO.

If morning sickness is a long term thing for you, I know it’s a tough challenge. There was a period of time where anything I ate came back up within half an hour. Make sure you are refuelling your body with lost salts recipe.

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