Preparing for Birth


With this being my third pregnancy and amidst all that’s going on in the world, I find myself getting restless being at home. If you’re feeling anxious during the third trimester, I have prepared a little routine/to-do list to get You ready for the next stage. It’s not exhaustive so choose to do the parts that work best for You!

So how can you prepare during the third trimester? Here are some things I’ve found useful…

  1. Have a cuppa...Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: This is one of my favourite herbal teas for women’s health in general. It is said to help tone the uterus for preparation of labour and also claims to make your contractions more effective. It also has antioxidant properties, packed with Vitamins A, C and E. You can start drinking Raspberry Leaf tea from 32 weeks, plus it has a pleasant berry taste, so it’s a win win.


  2. Practice a Perineal Massage: Preparing your perineum (the area of skin and muscles between your vagina and anus - the opening to your back passage) will help the muscle and skin to stretch more easily during vaginal birth to help prevent tearing. Perineal massages can also help you to get prepared for the sensation of baby crowning. It can be uncomfortable but many women have said that it has helped to reduce the severity of tears during childbirth. I use the perineal balm to massage the area, you can use any natural oils to do so. This step-by-step perineal massage guide will help you to get prepped.

  3. Write your birth plan: You may have already thought about how and where you’d like to give birth (I’m opting for a homebirth this time, fingers crossed) so it’s a good idea to jot down some ideas on paper and discuss your options with your midwife and birth partner. It is so important that you have someone to advocate for you during labour and birth so it’s a great idea to start planning. You can find tips on writing your birth plan here.


  4. Batch cooking for the postpartum stage and Meal prepping: During the postpartum weeks after birth, I don’t fancy long cooking sessions in the kitchen. This is a time when we should be resting as much as possible and nourishing our bodies. I find that the weeks closer towards the end of the third trimester are a perfect time to start batch cooking your favourite hearty meals. I like to make bone broths, easy to digest stews and pre-chop any veg or smoothie ingredients to pop in the freezer.


  5. Declutter: If you are anything like me, you may have started nesting already! Now is a good time to start clearing out things to make space for baby. A deep clean is also a good idea as you probably won’t have much time for chores once your bundle of joy arrives. Don’t overdo it though, call in help or get someone to share the cleaning chores.


  6. Pack your hospital bag: Just like packing for a mini break, there are so many things I packed for my births and hardly ended up using most of the contents. It’s a good idea to pack two bags - one for you and one for the baby. These are the hospital bag essentials I usually pack.


  7. Prepare Your Own Witch Hazel Cold Packs: These are a great addition to your postpartum recovery kit, and the best thing is, you can prep them yourself! I usually grab some maternity pads, smother a concoction of aloe vera, witch hazel and a few drops of tea tree oil for a soothing cold pack post-birth. You can follow these simple steps to DIY your witch hazel padsicles.


  8. Get a prenatal massage: We spend most of the third trimester counting down the days until baby arrives, but I also have to remind myself that now is the best time to indulge and relax whilst I can. Consider taking a day or two out, exclusively for You. Get a massage to ease those aches, or plan a day of doing nothing! Do something you enjoy, like a DIY spa day at home with some lush bath products. You deserve it Mama!

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