My Hospital Bag Essentials

Now that I'm in my third trimester I've started getting prepped for birth! I'm sharing what's inside my hospital bag, these are the essential bits that have come in handy before and immediately after birth. I've packed similar things for my previous births - so tried and tested! I also have a separate bag packed for baby of course. 

Hopsital Bag Essentials:

  • Hospital notes, baby notes, birth plan
  • Brief-style Maternity Pads - These are really handy immediately after birth, they are really comfortable, super absorbent and so convenient. I didn’t have to worry about leaking and I just tossed them in the bin as you would with regular pads.
  • Maternity Pads and Black comfy underwear 
  • Peri bottle - These are a necessity for the first toilet trip after pushing. If you experience vaginal tearing, swelling or just tenderness, just fill it up with warm water and squirt it in the area while having a pee and thank me later. It’s also great for cleansing so If you have more than one bathroom in your house, just have one for each, and one for the diaper bag to make life easy
  • Soothing spray - For my 2nd baby I used MBH Perineal Spray on my bits after giving birth – it was literally a lifesaver! It had a really soothing effect and helped to it feel less swollen/painful. It also helped with the stinging after have a wee. It's also great for haemorrhoids.
  • Perineal Balm - is great to soothe your tender, bruised or swollen perineum post birth. It can also help to relieve anal itching, pain and irritation, as associated with piles or haemorrhoids pre and post birth. 
  • Thermal Water Mist - really helpful during labour to keep cool especially if it's hot on the hard or when I get flustered during contractions/pushing.
  • Wash cloths - for use during labour 
  • Toiletries Bag with essential skincare, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash and make up.
  • Hair Ties and Head Wrap - these are useful to just keep hair of my skin.
  • Breast Pads
  • Nursing Bras or Sports Bras
  • High Protein Snacks
  • Oversize Sleepwear
  • Going home outfit e.g. joggers and breastfeeding friendly top (comfy clothes!)

What essentials are you packing in your hospital bag?

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