The Reality of the 4th Trimester

To be brutally honest, your first few weeks with a newborn you will most likely feel a sleep-deprived, sore nipple, adult nappy-wearing, sweaty mess of a new mum.  And the worse of it all is being unprepared for what is in store for you. 

So here is a quick rundown of what to expect postpartum.

  • Your back passage, not your vagina, will hurt the most. Between stretching, pushing, and tearing (most women do), your perineum (the area from the vagina to anus) will feel battered and bruised.  Padsicles or a perineal spray can offer some relief.

  • You might get hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids are literally a pain in the a**! The stress of carrying your baby and the pressure from pushing can cause veins in or around the anus to pop out, throb, and itch. Soaking in a sitz bath or spritzing with witch hazel can really help to soothe them.

  • You’ll have the period to end all periods. It can be like a bloodbath during and after giving birth. Lochi (postpartum blood) can flow for up to six weeks.  You’re going live in granny panties for a  few weeks - not the sexiest we know, but they will be super comfy and can hold the huge maternity pads you’ll need. You can save yourself the hassle and get a  few packs of Brief-style Maternity Pads and thank us later.

  • You will still have contractions. This is a good thing! You will feel some contractions as your uterus shrink back to its normal size. If you are breastfeeding, expect them when your baby feeds; a chemical released during breastfeeding triggers the contractions. A heating pad can help.

  • Breastfeeding is hard AF! Yes, it can be one of the most natural things to do but the pain as your milk starts to come in, and sore and/or cracked nipples are probably up there with labor pain.

  • You’re going to be a blubbering wreck. Tears of joy, of overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, hormones, endlessssss tears, but cry it out, it’s ok.

  • Sleep when the baby sleeps is harder than you think. You won’t get to shower every day. You’re lucky if you even get to run a brush through your hair. Take and ask for HELP! Let people do stuff for you, anything for a few mins of alone time and a hot shower!

  • You’ll be scared to poop. Taking your first poo when everything down there hurts like hell will scare the living hell out of you. Never fear, it usually isn’t as bad as it seems, but lots of water and fiber-rich foods will help. You can also take some stool softeners to help move things along.

  • Your C-section incision is going to hurt...a lot. A C-section is major surgery, so expect serious soreness. Take the recommended pain meds at the recommended time - you may feel like you don’t need them in between doses but thrust us once it wears off you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a truck! Whenever you have to sneeze, cough or laugh, hold your abdomen to protect the incision site.

The good news - it’s not all bad! Once you hold your baby in your arms and have them look up at you, you know it was all worth the pain, sacrifice, and any physical changes your body has and will endure.

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