From haemorrhoids and soreness to tears and postpartum bleeding, we've got you covered, from preparing for birth through your recovery in the fourth trimester.
Postpartum recovery isn’t glamorous, and it’s far from easy. To be brutally honest, in your first few weeks with a newborn, you will most likely feel like a sleep-deprived, sore nipple, adult nappy-wearing, bleeding, sweaty mess of a new mum, all while trying to heal and adapt to your new life.
While we can’t make haemorrhoids disappear or perineal tears heal immediately, we’re on a mission to help new mums tackle their recovery with confidence and comfort.

Treating Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Surviving Tears & Stitches After Birth


Postpartum Bath Herbs

Our soothing Sitz Bath Herbs can feel like the ultimate relief for sore bits or painful, itchy hemorrhoids. Not only is it soothing it can also encourage the healing process.



Perineal Cleansing Bottle

This Perineal Cleansing Bottle is a postpartum must-have to ease the trauma of washing your bits after birth. It delivers a continuous and soft stream of soothing relief right where you need it.


Witch Hazel

for Postpartum & Beyond


Perineal Spray

Our witch hazel based Perineal Spray gently soothes soreness and discomfort while supporting the skin's natural healing process. It also helps pain from hemorrhoids.



Brief-Style Maternity Pads

Our Maternity pads feature a unique 360° design for a smooth comfortable fit and provides excellent protection even during your heaviest flow perfect for the first days after birth.


Postnatal Recovery: Postpartum Care Kit Checklist

A Holistic Approach to Postpartum Recovery

The gift of healing: Postpartum recovery essentials