The gift of healing: Postpartum recovery essentials


Given the choice between gifting a swaddle blanket in a cool print or a box of pads, most friends and family are definitely going to go with the blanket. 

That’s why so many mums are taking recovery into their own hands, and are putting together their own DIY postpartum recovery kits and we are here for it.

We also love it when friends and family are doing it for them and we are here to make the process easy, which is why MBH has your gifting covered with all the postpartum essentials.

Give her the essentials she actually needs

The Postpartum Essentials Bundle has everything mum will need to make her first few days and weeks of postpartum recovery as comfortable as possible.

Add a few boxes of our Brief-style Maternity Pads and she will have everything she needs for a smooth postpartum recovery and her vagina will thank you.

The kit includes the Peri Bottle, Perineal Balm, Perineal Spray (Perfect for making DIY padsicles), and Postpartum Bath Soak. The best part is, when she's gone through her stash, everything in the kit can be easily and individually replenished. 

The Best Baby Shower Gift for any Mum-to-be 

When it comes to baby showers, most people tend to focus on the baby, but if you’ve been down this road or are looking for gift ideas that focus on mum, a really amazing baby shower gift idea if you really want to give that WOW factor, is to re-purposed a bar cart into a postpartum-care station.

Or you can do a simple caddy that she can use as a postpartum recovery kit. You can fill the shelves and baskets with everything mum will need as she recovers from bringing baby earthside.

You’ll want to include a Peri Bottle for keeping it clean down there or gentle C-section incision cleansing, a few boxes (3 pairs per box) of Brief-style Maternity Pads (these are a game changer) or Maternity Pads (8 per box), a bottle of Perineal Massage Oil for labour prep and a bottle or two of the Perineal Spray and a jar of Perineal Balm for perineal and hemorrhoid care.

To really top it off, add in a jar of the Postpartum Bath Soak perfect for quick healing sitz baths or an indulgent bath in the days following delivery.

Postpartum recovery isn’t glamorous, and it’s far from easy.

While we can’t wave a magic wand and make hemorrhoids disappear or perineal tears heal immediately, we can give new mums all the tools they’ll need to tackle their recovery with confidence and comfort. Because raising a human requires feeling like a human.


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